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ہمارے نصیب میں عوام کی خدمت ہے، وزیراعظم     پی ایس ایل کی چھٹی ٹیم کیلئے 5 ناموں پر بولی 30 مئی کو ہوگی     باپ نے اپنی مرضی کی شادی کی ضد کرنے پر بیٹی کو گولی مار کر قتل کر دیا     بھارتی ماڈل و اداکارہ سونیکا چوہان آج صبح ایک کار حادثے میں ہلاک ہو گئیں     بھارتی اداکارہ کو فحش پیغامات بھیجنے والے 23سالہ طالب علم کو گرفتار کر لیا گیا      فلم باہو بالی 2کا اپنی ریلیز کے پہلے روز 100 کروڑ ریکارڈ     سٹٹ گارٹ اوپن ٹینس میں ماریہ شرا پوا کی فتوحات جاری     جو پاکستان کی تر قی نہیں دیکھنا چاہتے وہ ہماری ٹانگیں کھینچ رہے ہیں، مخالفین کی خواہش پر مستعفی نہیں ہونگا:نواز شریف     خورشید شاہ نے سیکیورٹی لیکس پر پاک فوج کے موقف کی حمایت کر دی     پاکستان ،ویسٹ انڈیز : دوسرا ٹیسٹ اتوار کو شروع ہو گا     
What is Meta News? is an Urdu Meta News service, a kind of giant news server in Urdu where Urdu internet readers can read updated news from multiple sources or news publishers. Urdu Meta News doesn't generate any news itself, It only shows news from all other sources either they have their news RSS or publish on the website.

Along with combining the all major news at a single platform, the second great feature is Search functionality for Urdu news. As we know that no one major search engine is supporting Urdu search functionality for latest Urdu news or even does not indexed to all Urdu news sources. Still Google News could not offer the Urdu news services; is a great source in this area.

Despite as the Meta Search Engines, indexed all the source data on its server for a certain period to facilitate search functionality to Urdu news searches. is still in beta version and intend for continues updating.

How works: utilizes a similar smart automatic system to "crawl" news pages like the search indexing crawlers of leading search engines. This news crawler sniffs and crawls to the news pages from multiple Urdu news websites and indexed to Urduwire’s data server. We display all news on “as it is” based with clearly mention the news source name and its source link that redirect to original news source webpage.

Our system crawl process begins in every 20 minutes and crawl only newly added news pages on the source website. System does not interrupt to website in any way and it just consumes a very low amount of bandwidth that similar to a normal human user.

Why Indexing of Pages is Necessary?

All search engines index to all available pages of a particular website to display in their search results. Similarly, indexes all news pages for showing archive results in its search functionality by Urdu news seekers.

Example: How Google Hosting News Source Pages:

Adding or Deleting News Websites:

If you being an owner/webmaster want to add/delist your website in our crawler's source list, you can send us an email at

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Disclaimer: is only the source of Urdu Meta News (type of Google News) and display news on "as it is" based from leading Urdu news web based sources. If you are a general user or webmaster, and want to know how it works? Please read more! - First ever Urdu Meta News portal