Dr. Oz believes Barnette’s 2015 remark should prohibit him from running in the Republican primary.

Bol News  |  May 15, 2022

Senatorial candidate Dr. Oz stated in an interview Saturday, just days before the Republican primary election in Pennsylvania, that a statement made by one of his primary opponents, Kathy Barnette, should prevent her from running.

The comment refers to a 2015 tweet in which Barnette stated that “pedophilia” was a fundamental tenet of Islam.

Oz. is running for the state’s first Muslim senator and believes the remark should be “disqualifying” since it insults individuals who practice the religion.

“It’s awful that she would tweet something disparaging to a whole faith,” Oz said in an Associated Press interview Saturday, two days before the Republican primary in Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

“Pedophilia is a Cornerstone of Islam,” Barnette tweeted in 2015.

The Trump-backed Oz went on to predict that Barnette will fail to win a general election in a state that President Joe Biden barely won in 2020.

In the interview, Oz stated, “Every time she answers a question, she creates new ones.” “However, I believe that making Islamophobic and homophobic remarks is disqualified not only for the general election but also for the Republican primary.”

In an interview last week, Barnette denied authoring the tweet, stating, “I would never have said that.” She did not explain how the tweet landed on her stream.

The Republican doctor was also asked to clarify his views on abortion, which has been a hot subject in this race due to a leaked draft ruling from the Supreme Court indicating the probable reversal of Roe v. Wade. Dr. Oz identified as “pro-life,” but admitted that “there are occasions” when he differs “from other pro-life supporters.”

“In my situation, those conflicts often arise because, as a doctor, I’ve dealt with circumstances that risk the life of the mother,” he continued, saying that any future abortion ban should have an exemption for rape, incest, or to safeguard the mother’s life.

In an email to supporters in April, Trump supported Oz, calling him “popular, respected, and knowledgeable.”

“By electing the brilliant and well-known Dr. Mehmet Oz to the United States Senate, the Great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a fantastic chance to Save America,” Trump added. “I’ve known Dr. Oz for many years, as have many others, if only through his extremely popular television program.” He has always been popular, respected, and intelligent as he has lived with us through the television.”

“Dr. Oz is pro-life, strongly opposed to crime, the border, election fraud, our great military and veterans, tax cuts, and will always fight for and protect our under-attack Second Amendment.” He will assure that America regains its energy independence.

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