Maulana Tariq Jameel’s Viral Video: Light-hearted Advice to Imran Khan Ignites Social Media

Hamariweb  |  May 29, 2023

Renowned religious scholar Maulana Tariq Jamil recently sparked a social media frenzy with a viral video where he humorously advises his favorite political leader, Imran Khan. In the video, Maulana Tariq Jamil suggests a strategy to Imran Khan, followed by an infectious burst of laughter. This incident has gained significant attention, primarily due to Maulana Tariq Jamil’s unwavering support for Imran Khan, despite facing continuous criticism. At one point, he even publicly sought forgiveness for his steadfast backing of the former Prime Minister.

In a video that has taken social media platforms by storm, Maulana Tariq Jamil addresses a gathering of individuals, delivering his message with a touch of humor. His words are directed toward Imran Khan, his preferred political figure. With a lighthearted demeanor, Maulana Tariq Jamil jests, “All workers of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) should engage in a three-day campaign to spread the message, and they should take Imran Khan along with them. This will greatly benefit you.” The room erupts in contagious laughter, and amused expressions adorn the faces of those present.

مولانا طارق جمیل صاحب کا قہقہ لگاتے ہوئے تحریک انصاف اور عمران خان صاحب کے لیے مشورہ

— Sabookh Syed | سبوخ سید (@SaboohSyed) May 27, 2023

This video serves as a testament to Maulana Tariq Jamil’s ability to convey advice in a light-hearted manner, offering a unique departure from his typically serious demeanor. It becomes evident that his unwavering support for Imran Khan has subjected him to consistent criticism over an extended period. However, this incident sheds light on the deep bond between the religious scholar and the former Prime Minister.

Maulana Tariq Jamil’s endorsement of Imran Khan not only captures attention but also triggers public discussions. The laughter-filled advice session vividly portrays the mutual camaraderie shared between these influential figures. Despite facing criticism, both Maulana Tariq Jamil and Imran Khan maintain their strong bond, resonating with their respective followers.

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