SNGPL successfully mitigates gas crisis

DailyTimes  |  Jan 01, 2020

The SNGPL has successfully mitigated the gas crisis and resumed supply to the general industry despite severe winters. Currently, domestic sector consumption has reached approximately 1263 MMCFD owing to change in climate and extreme weather conditions. Last year average consumption of domestic sector during December 2018 was 831 MMCFD only. SNGPL combated this sharp increase in demand by diverting record RLNG to domestic consumers. During December 2018 last year average diversion of RLNG to domestic sector was approximately 155 MMCFD. This year average December diversion days has crossed 300 MCMFD. However, during last 7 days diversion is more than 500 MCMFD. SNGPL has provided more than 3 times the LNG to domestic consumers this December compared to last year and that’s why the system has stabilized and industry is being opened today. The LNG has been provided at the system gas rate to public at large per GOP directions. The Rs 1950 per mmbtu LNG is being provided at low system gas tariff by SNGPL. Pakistan is 5th most affected country in the world in respect of climate change. Last December and this December temperature competitive charts are attached which confirm the same. Data has been taken from Accu weather. This is not only happening in Pakistan. NEW DELHI temperatures were record low also and broke 118 degrees low this year. Average consumption of domestic sector during summer months (April to November) last year was 488 MMCFD. Hence consumption in winter has increased by 250 percent. Average consumption of domestic, commercial, Industry & CNG sectors (city load) on our network during last December was 1437 MMCFD whereas this year average consumption of these sectors has exceeded 1600 MMCFD. It means 150 approx MMCFD in excess is being supplied on daily basis which shown SNGPL proactive attitude. Reconnection of CNG sector in Punjab shall be carried out following the resumption of supplies to non-zero-rated industrial sector in Punjab. Around 120 MCMFD was curtailed from non-zero-rated industrial (80 ~ 100 MMCFD) & CNG sectors (40 MMCFD) in Punjab. Curtailment was necessitated owing to record low December temperatures arising from climate change on which Company has no control. SNPGPL has kept the system alive under extreme temperatures. The line packs which had gone down to 3800 MMCF have now increased to 4300 mmcd.

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