Surgical masks as the new fashion fad: Research agrees

Bol News  |  Jan 19, 2022

Face masks were a huge addition to our physical appearances when Covid-19 debuted two years ago. Even the fashion industry was quick to accept it as an accessory.

According to new research from Cardiff University, persons who wear safety masks appear more attractive. “Men and women appeared better with a face-covering masking the lower part of their faces,” said Dr. Michael Lewis. He is from the aforementioned university’s school of psychology and an expert in faces.

The study was started to see if the negative view of surgical masks as being associated with infections and illnesses changed if the entire world used them as protective gear.

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“We wanted to see if this has altered since face coverings became common. Also if the type of mask had any effect,” Lewis added.

A blow to the fashion world, it was determined that of all the varieties evaluated, a disposable blue medical mask was voted the most appealing. “This could be because we’ve grown accustomed to seeing healthcare personnel wearing blue masks. Therefore, we now identify them with those who work in the caring or medical fields.” “We may find the wearing of surgical masks reassuring at a moment when we feel vulnerable. Thus feel more positive toward the wearer,” Lewis noted.

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A group of males without a mask, wearing a plain cloth mask, a blue medical face mask, and holding a plain black book covering the region a face mask would hide were rated on a scale of 10 by select women in the first stage of the study. In the second experiment, men and women were switched, allowing males the opportunity to appraise women. According to Lewis, the outcomes were nearly identical in both cases.

“The pandemic has altered our psychological perceptions of mask users. We no longer assume, “That person has a disease, I need to stay away,” when we see someone wearing a mask, Lewis concluded.


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