Google set to bring ads in search AI Overviews

SuchTV  |  May 22, 2024

The new Google update is meant to provide users with relevant product recommendations based on their search queries and AI-generated information.

The ads will appear in a designated "Sponsored" section within the AI Overviews. They will be clearly distinguished from organic search results. These ads will only be displayed if they align with the user's query and AI-generated information. For example, a search for "how to remove wrinkles from clothes" might trigger an ad carousel showcasing relevant products.

According to the blog post, advertisers need not take any additional steps for these ads to appear. These ads will be sourced from existing Search, Performance Max, and Standard Shopping campaigns. The decision follows positive feedback from testing the Search Generative Experience (SGE) feature, where users found the ads above and below the AI-generated overviews helpful.

The integration of ads into AI Overviews is part of Google's ongoing efforts to enhance its search capabilities with generative AI.

The AI Overviews aim to provide concise answers to complex queries by consolidating information from various web sources.

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