Karachi School Considers Holidays as Eye Infection Outbreak Grows

Hamariweb  |  Sep 27, 2023

The city of Karachi, along with other provinces, is grappling with a rising wave of eye infections, affecting a significant number of students in schools and colleges, as well as the general population. According to health authorities, high alert measures have been put in place to address the growing cases of eye infections.

In response to the outbreak, educational and health departments have initiated discussions on the possibility of granting holidays to students in educational institutions to protect them from the virus.

The eye infection epidemic, locally referred to as “Aashob Chashm,” has become a cause for concern. Health officials have issued high-alert directives to combat its spread. While the origins and specific details of the infection remain under investigation, the focus is on containment and prevention.

To safeguard students and curb the spread of the infection, educational institutions have started contemplating the option of granting holidays. This measure aims to minimize close contact among students, reducing the risk of transmission within schools and colleges.

Health authorities are also emphasizing hygiene practices and encouraging the use of preventive measures such as eye protection gear and frequent handwashing. Additionally, efforts are being made to increase public awareness about the importance of early detection and seeking medical attention in case of symptoms.

The situation remains dynamic, and authorities are closely monitoring the outbreak. The health and education departments are working collaboratively to ensure the safety and well-being of students and the general public in Karachi and the surrounding areas.

As the “Aashob Chashm” outbreak continues to evolve, it is imperative for everyone to stay informed, follow recommended guidelines, and prioritize their eye health.

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