Indian astrologer "Predicts" exact date World War 3 will start

SuchTV  |  May 24, 2024

With the devastating impacts of the first two world wars still etched in global memory, the thought of another massive conflict is both terrifying and compelling. Predictions from renowned astrologers like Nostradamus and Baba Vanga have long stoked these fears, and now, a fresh prophecy has emerged, catching fire on social media.

The newest addition to this series of predictions comes from Indian astrologer Kushal Kumar. In a recent Medium post, which he also shared on LinkedIn, Kumar made the startling claim that World War 3 is just weeks away.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Kumar is a Vedic astrologer who uses planetary charts to forecast future events. His prediction for 2024 is particularly ominous, highlighting May 8 as a significant date for escalating conflicts in hotspots like the Koreas, China-Taiwan, the Middle East, and Ukraine-Russia.

"2024 was predicted to be majorly worrisome in relation to war conditions in hotspots across the world, particularly around May 8 - it was indicated carrying highest escalation in such war fronts as Koreas, China-Taiwan, the Middle East involving Israel and others in the Middle East, and Ukraine-Russia, anger of NATO could also find expression," he wrote.

Kumar, who is based in Haryana's Panchkula, didn't stop at global conflicts. He suggested that some world leaders may struggle to handle these escalating tensions, potentially leading to serious illness, resignations, or even military takeovers in vulnerable regions.

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