Google Maps Update: Now the App will Show Most Fuel-Efficient Routes

Hamariweb  |  Oct 08, 2021

To reduce the escalating amount of carbon in our atmosphere, Google Maps update will now show the most fuel-efficient routes. When a user searches for a route, Maps displays numerous options, with the shortest trail highlighted. Now, it will change, as the search engine giant-powered Maps will provide the route that requires less fuel to commute. The upgrade is conceived to curb down the CO2 emissions.

Google’s calculations suggest that the update will help reduce the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere by at least a million tons per year. This is roughly the same as removing 200,000 automobiles and trucks from the road. The search engine giant has not yet revealed how the App will determine the most fuel-efficient routes.

Fuel-efficient routes will not only cut down the carbon emissions but also save fuel for the commuters. So it is a win-win for both the environment and driver. Google Maps update will also show how fuel-efficient the way is. It will calculate how much fuel can be saved by driving on certain roads. In most cases, the fastest route will be the most fuel-saving route. However, sometimes it might take a few extra minutes.

The fastest routes, on the other hand, aren’t going away anytime soon. Before you start driving, Google Maps will show you both the fastest route and the most fuel-efficient alternative once the update is live. This means you can look at both routes on a map, compare their ETAs, and choose which to take. The update is live for commuters in the U.S. and it will roll out for Europe next year.

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