Scientists discover evidence of Planet 9

SuchTV  |  Apr 19, 2024

According to an Independent report, astronomer Konstantin Bogytin said that his findings suggested that there is a planet in existence, maintaining that the study concluded "the strongest statistical evidence yet that Planet 9 is really out there."

If there is any such Planet 9 in the area beyond Neptune, it's orbiting distance from the Sun would be over more than 250 times than we are.

Scientists analysed trans-Neptunian objects (TNO) that have been experiencing unstable movement.

After studying them, Dr Bogytin claimed that the best explanation is that the instability is caused by another planet.

The best explanation scientists derived was from the simulations that included Planet 9, according to their study.

The outlet further quoted them in the report that the clearer picture to the matter would be provided when the Vera C Rubin Observatory, in Chile is functional.

"This upcoming phase of exploration promises to provide critical insights into the mysteries of our solar system’s outer reaches," the team wrote in their paper, published in the journal arXiv.

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