US Energy Department hit by cyberattack

GNN  |  Dec 19, 2020

Washington DC: After security breaches in the Treasury and Commerce Departments, the US Energy Department’s security has also been hacked in what officials have termed a “grave risk”.  

The US Energy Department, which is responsible for managing nuclear weapons, confirmed on Thursday that its security has been breached, however, security of arsenal that falls under them has not been compromised.


As per details disclosed by media, the hacking attack began in March 2020. US Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency stated that hackers gained access to their internal systems and have been monitoring internal email traffic at the US Treasury and Commerce departments. These hacks are now the most sweeping and wide-spread US cyber-attacks on record. 


Earlier, tech giants also came under hacking attacks, with Microsoft following FireEye's example and confirming that it had been hacked.

As yet, US government officials have not disclosed what information has been stolen or exposed to potential enemies.


President-Elect, Joe Biden, has already stated that he will make cyber-security a top priority in his administration.


The US government has not publicly identified who might be behind the hacking attempts, but three of the people familiar with the investigation told US media that Russia is believed to be behind the attack. 

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