No party can be disbanded over prohibited funds, says Aitzaz

GNN  |  Jan 21, 2021

Lahore: Senior lawyer Aitzaz Ahsan said on Thursday that no political party can be dissolved over receiving illegal funds even from Israel, a state that is not recognized by Pakistan. Sharing her expert views on GNN’s show ‘Khabar Hai’ the senior leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) said that Supreme Court of Pakistan under Article 17 can dissolve a party, which is working as a foreign agent or has been set up by foreign powers.

He classified the foreign funds in two categories: one which are sent by persons of Pakistani-origin, and other are sent by a foreign national.

Ahsan said that a man of Pakistani-origin under Election Act 2017 can provide fund to a political part and no one can question it.

اگر کسی پارٹی کو اسرائیل سے ہی کیوں نہ فنڈنگ ہوئی ہو مگر اس بات پر جماعت کو ختم نہیں کیا جاسکتا ہے، اعتزاز احسن @arifhameed15 @saeed_qazi @tahirmalikpak @PTIofficial @MediaCellPPP @pmln_org #KhabarHai #GNN

— GNN (@gnnhdofficial) January 21, 2021 The senior politician went on to say that funds send by a foreign national are prohibited. He added that a party cannot be disbanded whether it had received funds from Israelis or Indians.

Aitzaz Ahsan said that a Parliament has authority to summon the chairman of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and can event award him punishment.

براڈ شیٹ۔۔ چیئرمین کو سزا مل سکتی ہے۔۔ سنیئے اعتزاز احسن سے۔۔ @arifhameed15 @saeed_qazi @tahirmalikpak @PTIofficial @pmln_org @MediaCellPPP #KhabarHai #GNN

— GNN (@gnnhdofficial) January 21, 2021

He said that a committee of the National Assembly can also sent the NAB chief behind the bars until he cooperates with the body. 

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