Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy's project brought 19 female filmmakers together

SuchTV  |  Sep 23, 2023

Obaid-Chinoy's latest venture brought together 19 filmmakers from different parts of Sindh and Balochistan, offering them grants and monetary compensation while teaching them the technical skills to tell the stories they wanted to showcase to the world. The audience saw a few glimpses of the ten documentaries the 19 filmmakers had presented.

The Silence After the Storm, Karachi Begums, Niswan-Nama – Women, Theatre, Activism — A Tale from Pakistan, Nayyar – An Art Story, Made With Love, Sculpted, Defiance, Pehchaan, Tum Nahi Chara Gar, Kawish and From Rocks to Gold – Doch The Art of Balochistan were screened and it was evident that the participants' labour of love was made with intense detailing.

"These women come from those communities. They live there; they speak the language, and they know the issues. There's no better storyteller than the one who is part of the community they want to highlight. That is why they have the access they do," Obaid Chinoy commented.

Rani Wahidi, who had the crowd cheering for her with her own struggles and life story, decided to take on the journey of Ishaq Lehri, a sculptor hailing from Mastung. Despite societal norms and religious objections that label sculpting as haram (forbidden), Lehri's passion for sculpting has remained unyielding. Lehri navigates the challenges of defying societal expectations and the disapproval of his own family, particularly his brother, who condemns his work. Ishaq's decision to pursue sculpting exclusively results in encountering both allies and adversaries along the way.

"The labels of haram and halal have been overshadowing our art for a long time," Wahidi told me. "I think it's about time we come out of the 'forbidden' narrative and own our culture."


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