Joint opposition all set to lock horns with PTI govt in NA

The Nation  |  Dec 05, 2021

ISLAMABAD  - Since the political thermometer registering spikes across the country with political manoeuvrings, the joint opposition all set to lock horns with the PTI’s government in the Parliament.

The government is planning to summon the National Assembly session by the mid of December, which may later be converted into a mini-budget session. The upcoming parliament session, being called in a freezing temperature, will witness heated political debates including a serious attack by the opposition on the present government.

The political situation in the last month of the current year could be hard for the present government if it fails to maintain its numerical strength in the parliament.  The joint opposition has continuously been working to engage lawmakers from Treasury benches, especially the coalition partners in its anti-government move.

The differences of allies with the ruling party always consider a ray of hope for the opposition to increase its strength in the parliament and dare to challenge the government. The recent unfavourable voices by the government’s coalition partners over the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) are encouraging the PDM to push the government on this controversial matter. Though the opposition stalwarts had made a failed attempt to convince some of the coalition partners not to attend the joint sitting, they are still struggling to give a big surprise to the ruling party in the parliament.

Church leaders say grieved by Sri Lankan national’s lynching, demand justice The PTI government’s comfortable victory in the joint session has not shaken Opposition’s confidence as it may move a no-confidence against the government in the upcoming session of the national assembly. PML-N’s parliamentary leader Khawaja Muhammad Asif, talking to this newspaper, confirmed his recent remarks about tabling a no-confidence against the present government.

“As per my views, there should be no confidence motion tabled in the parliament,” said PML-N’s senior leader, without mentioning a proper date for this move. The upcoming sessions of the parliament are important for the government as it has to move a mini-budget by the month of January. For this purpose, the government has to once again get proper support from all its coalition partners. Though the ruling party [PTI] in the parliament has made a new parliamentary record by getting 33 controversial bills passed, yet the next challenge would be not that easy for it in the given circumstances.

How to be a star content creator The clear support of the coalition partners, in the joint session, is not pretty sure in the coming parliamentary session as the ruling party [PTI] has to convince seemingly displeased partners for moving the supplementary budget.

Adviser to the Prime Minister on Finance and Revenue Shaukat Tarin, in his presser, had clearly expressed the government’s compulsion to move a mini-budget. In the current scenario, the country will have to complete five important prior actions including a mini-budget before the IMF’s executive board meeting, which will meet in January 2022. On the other hand, Shehbaz Sharif has clearly indicated to strongly resist the legislation on mini-budget. The opposition leader had even asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to step down instead of burdening the people with a mini-budget. Political experts viewed that the government’s victory in the joint sitting had surprised the opponents of Prime Minister Imran Khan and the political analysts.  But, this victory has still not compelled the opposition to shelve its future plan to move no-confidence against the government.

FM Qureshi strongly condemns Sialkot incident The 18-vote victory [221 treasury benches votes and 203 joint opposition votes] in the joint session has visibly taught the opposition to focus on annoyed coalition partners from treasury benches in its next move. It is also alarming for the government that PML-N senior leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi had also announced on behalf of the entire opposition to boycott the upcoming in-camera briefing of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security (PCNS) scheduled to be held on December 6.  The reason behind the boycott , so far shared with the media, was the government’s “dictatorial” attitude and bulldozing of bills in the Parliament.


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